Bluenog Welcomes New Board Member

Bluenog would like to welcome our newest board member, Robert Farina! Robert Farina is the CEO of the JK Group with 30 years of experience in successfully creating and growing technology-based busines […]

Oracle Releases SOA Suite 12C

As cloud-based applications are rapidly growing in the enterprise industry, companies striving to integrate their applications with mobile technologies have seen how complex it can really become. With […]

It’s All About The Data

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset
Over the past year news of data theft has become as commonplace as changes in the weather.  Nary a week goes by where we don’t hear of another major leak of sensit […]

SOA Enablement – The Need For A Strategy

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a concept for distributed computing that transforms IT for the enterprise.  The term “SOA” is used very broadly and at times loosely by vendors. SOA typically co […]

Make your Portal Usable – Why Usability?

We often talk with our clients interested in portal and content management systems and the technical capabilities that specific platforms make available. They will focus on technical point, counter-po […]